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Cutting Pads: Pro-PadTM

• Made in Germany
• Highest Quality Available
• Longer Die Life
• Compression Molded
• High Impact Strength
• Constant Hardness Throughout
• Stress Relieved - Resist Bowing
• Long Service Life
• Resist Chipping and Crumbling
• Guaranteed to Perform

• Dedicated Staff Serving Your Needs
• Quick Response to Your Orders
• Large Inventory for Immediate Shipping
• Technical Support
• Different Shore D Hardnesses to Meet Your Cutting Needs

• Optional Rough or Smooth Backed Surfaces
• Custom Made Laminated Vertical Ply Blocks
• Pads Cut to Your Specifications
• Expert Pad Planning
• Different Thicknesses Available
• Composition Rubber and Conductive Pads Also Inventoried
• Quality Mounting of Pads to Finnish Birch
• Mounting Adhesive and Double Sided Tape Available

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