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Specimen Presses:  Atom Lab Clicker Press

The Atom SE-8 Clicker Press is ideal for laboratory use. It is 100% maintenance free and is completely self-lubricating. This press is easy to use and uses flat back dies, which are the least expensive dies to manufacture. The press has a two button, anti tie-down, anti-repeat system that assures maximum safety. Another unique feature of this machine is that it accomodates different die heights without any adjustments.

This machine is an ideal replacement for hand mallet dies and arbor operated dies since there is no physical exertion on the part of the operator, thus avoiding "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome."

In most cases, arbor mount dies or hand mallet dies can be converted to flat back dies at a very minimal charge.

Technical Specifications
  • Cutting Table
  • 11.8" x 23.6"
  • Arm Width
  • 11.8"
  • Cutting Pressure
  • 8 Tons
  • Maximum Stroke
  • 3.54"
  • Size
  • 24" x 27" x 53"
  • Weight
  • 946 Lbs
  • Motor Power
  • 220V, 1 or 3 ph

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